Bookish Scene: Project 52 | Blue Ombré Spines

Project 52 is a weekly challenge for book photography hosted by Joséphine and Georgie. Since this is an international challenge I’m doing this in english. This week’s theme is blue ombré spines.

Joséphine used this weeks theme to raise awareness for autism, since April is Autism Awareness Month. I personally don’t know anyone who suffers this illness, but I remember very clearly what it’s been like finishing Jodi Picoult’s House Rules. This book is about a teenager who has Asperger’s (a subform of autism) and because of certain and typical characteristics this illness entails, he becomes a suspect in a murder case. This book took me to the edge of my seat, not only because of the constant suspense, but also because of the feels. I became so interested in the story that I immediately started researching about Asperger’s and also took the chance to sit in a book presentation of someone with Asperger’s at the Frankfurt Book Fair about three years ago.

Project 52 Ombre Blue

The things he had to say, the way he always tries to manage everyday life and how happy he has become (he was married with kids) was truly fascinating and inspirational to listen to. I  always have the greatest respect for people who always try to make the best of their lives, especially in such challenging conditions.

So I think it’s absolutely self-evident that you should not make fun or take advantage of someone who suffers any illness at all. Always be grateful for being healthy because – nowadays – this could change any day. I at least, try to never take it for granted.

Therefore I really like this week’s theme and I highly recommend reading Jodi Picoult’s take on that (German edition: In den Augen der Anderen).

Happy sunday everyone!


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  1. April 17, 2016

    Schönes Bild :)
    Ist so schön wie im Englischen fast alle Bücher immer gleich groß sind. Im Deutschen kannst du dir fünf Bücher nehmen, alle sind unterschiedlich groß -.-

    Übrigens hab ich immer Probleme mit deinem Captcha. Da kommt ne Meldung die Zeit wäre abgelaufen und ich soll es noch mal versuchen. So schnell kann ich gar nicht tippen (und schon gar nicht überlegen, was ich tippe) xD

    • April 18, 2016

      Danke Dir! :-)

      Ja stimmt, bei den englischen Hardcovern scheint das wenigstens zu funktionieren (im Gegensatz zu den Taschenbüchern). Verstehe ja auch nicht, wieso Verlage nicht langsam begreifen, dass Buchliebhaber auch sehr viel Wert auf Ästhetik im Bücherregal legen….

      Danke Dir für den Hinweis! Ich muss mal schauen woran das liegt. Hoffe das liegt nur an blöden Updates… :-/

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